Marketing Magazine  |  Even for someone as digitally-savvy as Karla Congson, it seemed like a puzzling comment: “We need to move from a Siri-like experience,” a colleague suggested to her recently, “to a Google Now-like experience.”

NATIONAL Post  |  People show seven clear emotions on their faces: joy, surprise, disgust, sadness, fear, anger and neutrality. You might run through all of them waiting in a long line at Walmart on a Saturday morning.

Marketing Magazine  |  The trend report was very clear: surfing was becoming a big deal in the 1990s and brands needed to find a way to get on the action. Neil Stevenson sounds like he’s smiling ruefully over the phone as he remembers it.

The Globe & Mail  |  Meet Pepper, the emotion-detecting robot who wants to sell you stuff.

Strategy  |  A group of executives from agencies of varying sizes got together at the DX3 Canada conference in Toronto yesterday to discuss what is and isn’t working, what needs to change, and what clients and agencies could be doing better.

TechCrunch  |  At this year’s Dx3 digital business expo, Montreal-based Thirdshelf had a fully functional demonstration retail store with iBeacon proximity based shopper customization in place. The demo store makes real a lot of what you may have heard about the potential of this tech, using Thirdshelf’s whitelabel in-store app and Estimote’s Bluetooth LE-powered hardware beacons.

2016 Keynote Speakers

Doug Stephens Headshot

Doug Stephens

Founder & President The Retail Prophet

Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists. His intellectual work and thinking have influenced many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands including Walmart, Home Depot, Disney, BMW, Citibank, eBay, Intel and WestJet.  Doug is also listed as one of retail’s top global influencers by

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Neil Stevenson

Executive Portfolio Director IDEO

Neil Stevenson’s fascination with emerging technology and culture started at the age of eight when he began programming his first computer, a Commodore Pet. Now he carries a cellphone which has four million times as much memory, and cannot shake his sense of amazement at how fast the world is changing.

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2016 Speakers