DX3 is my favourite Canadian marketing event of the year. I love the convergence of retail, digital marketing and innovation and the ideas that are born from it.

Jeff Goldenberg, Borrowell

Dx3 was the Canadian debut of our flagship technology, Pepper the Robot. From the national TV coverage that we received to the amazing brands we met through the Retail Collective on the Dx3 Show Floor, Dx3 exceeded our expectations as a top level retail conference

Stephen Carlin, Softbank Robotics

There was a great cross-section of digital marketers on the show floor. We were able to speak to people at a fairly consistent pace throughout the two days and we found people were there to learn, so they were attentive to a bit of salesmanship. We will be back next year!

Steve Falk, Prime Data

My colleagues and I attended DX3 last year as audience members. At the time it was very clear that DX3 is THE place to be for any company in the digital space. Wisdek made the decision to participate as an exhibitor this year with an attendance rate that really seemed to double the year prior. The outcome was far greater than expected, and future DX3 events promise to be the venue of choice for large companies and emerging technologies. Keep up the good work DX3. See you next year!”

Ryan Judd, Director of Sales, Wisdek Corp.
I would love to continue to support DX3 and its growth. It’s a vital conference for our industry!
Tanbir Grover, Lowes
I really like getting to see what companies where doing in the digital space and getting to hear from them. It’s also nice to see people interacting with things in the wild (like using Kinect for a clothing demo) and to understand how they actually use it.
Chris Di Lullo, Marketing Lead for Data & Business Intelligence Solutions, Microsoft
First, I would like to thank you for allowing us to be part of Dx3, I know everyone on our team who had never been was blown away by the event from start to finish. I know it is only an hour after we have finished but there has already been talk about being part of this for years to come!
Colin Salter, , Director of Client Engagement, Turnstyle Solutions

Highlights from Dx3 2016