Founded in 2009, Triangles is a digital ROI agency who specialize in creating data-driven loops to achieve KPI-based marketing success. A team comprised of creative, media & social data measurement experts, Triangles excels at adaptively using full sight omni-channel analytics to plan, create and execute conversion-focused campaigns.

Located in downtown Toronto, Triangles has deployed successful ROI programs for a number of national & international clients across a wide range of industries including CPG, Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Hospitality and Non-For-Profit.


Beyond Impressions: The Many Flavours of CPA

Harnessing Data
March 9, 2017 2:45pm - 3:30pm

In a world that is always-on, increasingly mobile, local and global all at once, how do you define and value action?

Getting past the tried, true and irrelevant while challenging programs beyond vanity metrics can be a brave battle to wage. Data, as always, can be the strongest ally on the frontlines in driving discovery, continuity and conversion.

Join Reagan Zuzarte as we examine Action: the evolution of media buying, the call for accountability and how results can be monitored, tweaked, scaled and driven across ads, content, social media, influencers and retargeting.

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