Delivering enriched content through interactive experiences.


Beehivr is a platform to create interactive content on iPad, allowing users to always have access the right content at the right time. Dedicated to sales forces and retailers, its flexibility and quickness transform the client touch-points into memorable interactive experiences.


Using Beehivr for interactive presentations, sales, and training purposes, accelerates product knowledge transfer, further improves communications, streamlines message, and facilitates the gathering of valuable information from customers.


When Beehivr is used with the iPad as an in-store kiosk that’s been strategically placed, a powerful marketing tool is born. The platform energizes the way customers discover your products and services and helps them make sound and knowledgeable purchasing decisions.


Beehivr is simple: Create interactive experiences, rapidly deploy them to multiple iPad tablets to streamline your brand messages and image, and immediately start gathering valuable information about your client’s needs.


Gather precious business intelligence, increase customer acquisition growth through fully customized interactive experiences, and quickly generate positive returns on your investment.