Reagan is a data technologist and founder/president of Triangles: digital ROI experts across a number of sectors.

He has spent over a decade on ROI optimization models across digital advertising, a Triangles mantra: mastering the customer journey and steering billions of global monthly impressions towards delivery, refinement and conversion.
Reagan is also the chair of Direct Marketing council for the Canadian Marketing Association and the Director of arts-focused charity Artbound.

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Beyond Impressions: The Many Flavours of CPA

Harnessing Data
March 9, 2017 2:45pm - 3:30pm

In a world that is always-on, increasingly mobile, local and global all at once, how do you define and value action?

Getting past the tried, true and irrelevant while challenging programs beyond vanity metrics can be a brave battle to wage. Data, as always, can be the strongest ally on the frontlines in driving discovery, continuity and conversion.

Join Reagan Zuzarte as we examine Action: the evolution of media buying, the call for accountability and how results can be monitored, tweaked, scaled and driven across ads, content, social media, influencers and retargeting.

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