David Segal is an entrepreneur, speaker and retail thought-leader. He is best known for bringing radical innovation to a 5,000 year product category with the launch of DAVIDsTEA, the company he co-founded in 2008.

During his time at DAVIDsTEA, Segal grew the company from a single store on Toronto’s Queen Street West to a $200 million retail giant. In June 2015, DAVIDsTEA became a publically-traded company on the NASDAQ, and since launch, the brand has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, The Globe and Mail, and Fast Company. When Segal left DAVIDsTEA earlier this year to pursue new entrepreneurial endeavours, the company was number seven on the list of Canada’s most trusted brands.

DAVIDsTEA was an innovative vision – in fact, Forbes named DAVIDsTEA one of the 25 most innovative consumer and retail brands in the world – but Segal attributes the success of the brand to his passion for building a team of dedicated, smart and passionate people to bring that vision to life.

Today, Segal is in the process of building a new team of like-minded creative visionaries to bring his next innovation, which will launch in 2017, to life.

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How to Build Loyalty – Think like a Shopkeeper

Optimizing Commerce
March 8, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Over the past decade, companies have used loyalty programs as a mechanism to capture data and tailor their marketing to impact purchasing behaviour. True customer loyalty though – mad loyalty – is about about making your customers fall in love. Even in the digital age, customers value product and service far more than points and freebees.

Want to create Super Fans of your business who not only buy from you frequently but talk up your brand to others as well? In this talk, David Segal, co-founder of DAVIDsTEA, will provide specific tips on how to make sure your customers become and remain “mad loyal”. He also talks about why if he could do it all over again he wouldn’t even have a loyalty program at DAVIDsTEA, and where he would invest that money to truly optimize the customer experience.