Ensembles: How the Gig-Economy Will Change the Way We Create

Fostering Creativity
March 9, 2017 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Many are saying we’re in a creative talent crisis, but perhaps talent has simply moved from a singular workplace to multiple locations. New models of creativity are being inspired by other art forms. We see these creative evolutions as the rise of the Ensemble.

An ensemble is a temporary team of talented creators, strategists and subject matter experts. They form as a group around a particular task or challenge and iteratively work through the development in similar ways that bands enter the studio to record a song or performance.

This session will focus on the role of the creator in today’s changing agency environment and the rise of the gig economy. We’ll explore how new types of creative partnerships are born during times of transition. We’ll also talk about the responsibility of agencies and clients to understand and expect better content.