The Seamless Shopping Experience

In today’s retail world we see a shift in focus – everything is about enhancing the customer experience and making it easier for customers to purchase the products they desire. Part of that shift has to do with new forms of payment that bridge the offline and online worlds. Retailers who are staying ahead of the curve are the ones adapting to the ways that customers shop, pay, and interact with their retail spaces. They invest in technology to empower their employees with tools to provide great customer experiences.

This integrated experience will showcase how companies can leverage solutions from leading Canadian companies to meet the needs of today’s modern customer.

The leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses

One of the largest payment processors in Canada offering leading-edge retail payment solutions to businesses across the country

One of Canada’s leading payments brands facilitating secure financial transactions through the development of innovative and convenient digital debit and money transfer solutions.

The iPad platform that transforms sales touch-points into memorable interactive experiences by delivering enriching content.

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