The New Retail Frontier

Empowering Store Employees with Tech
Presented by Mastercard

In today’s retail environment, ease of shopping has become a consumer expectation. Consumers want to be able to easily learn more about products in-store compare and buy quickly and effortlessly. While shopping in Kate Spade, Toys R Us, Coach or Frank and Oak the New Retail Frontier demonstrates how technology will simplify the purchase experience for both the customer and the sales associate.

Powered by Tulip Retail, store associates showed how having customer data and product information at their fingertips enable store associates to deliver higher quality service, leaving the consumer raving about the experience and buying more than first planned.

When it comes to ease of payment, what could be easier than blinking? Selfie Pay by Mastercard uses biometric technology to ensure security while making the transaction very simple.

Between these two innovations, this lab gave attendees the opportunity to experience a completely new, simplified and enhanced shopping experience.


Instant Customer Information

Tulip Retail demonstrated their mobile app, which empowers store associates with information about customers, their preferences, and detailed information about products.

Instant Checkout

Selfie Pay, the latest innovation in payments from Mastercard. Simply blink and facial recognition software processes your payment!


The Digital Shift

Optimizing Commerce
March 8, 2017 11:30am - 12:30pm


Jason Davies

VP Digital Payments and Labs Mastercard

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