The Interactive VR Lab

Curated by Matt Di Paola

Picture yourself moving to a city in another country. How will you find a place to live? Traditionally you would take a trip there to pick out a place, but there are now alternatives that don’t require you to leave.

As a teacher, how would you inspire & teach with limited budget and equipment? Imagine being able to show your students things hidden from the naked eye, such as the inside of a body.  

Virtual Reality (VR) is redefining the physical and financial constraints that we face in the real world. In recent years, the media has showcased how VR is drastically changing the world of entertainment – allowing us to have an entirely new way to tell and experience stories, through film and gaming.

VR has much more to offer, however, as it eliminates physical limitations and allows us to immerse ourselves in new environments, both realistic and fictional. With this comes the inevitable disruption of some major industries – such as education, automotive, and real estate.

The Interactive VR Lab explored some examples of this innovation being applied in ways that may pave the future of education, entertainment, automotive, real estate and, of course, storytelling. Curated by Matt Di Paola (Head of Innovation at Sid Lee), our Innovation VR Lab went beyond the hype of gaming, offering participants the opportunity to dive “head first” into each of these experiences.



This experience is an adrenaline rush in full stereoscopic live-action, shot in 4K at 60fps using a proprietary technique that is gives an unmatched level of realism.

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Experience a short horror film like no other.


Taking hands-on learning to the next level, Spongelab’s Bone Builder game teaches human anatomy in a unique, engaging, and fun way!



Explore a finished and furnished apartment, or take an empty unit and furnish it yourself with InventDev.



Experience United Airline’s soon-to-be built Polaris business class and lounge with Thinkingbox



How VR is Disrupting Everything

Applying Innovation
March 8, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm

As we look toward the future of VR, we’re seeing many commercial applications arising. From virtual storefronts to virtual tours, there is a lot of opportunity to change the way people shop (once again). In this session, we’ll examine how some brands are already using this technology to offer something different.


Matt Di Paola

Partner, Innovation SID LEE

Graham Budd

Executive Producer, Managing Partner Quiver

Philippe Lozier

Vice President, Content & Services Samsung


Private: Matt Di Paola Chair

Partner, Innovation SID LEE