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We all have “big ticket” purchases in our lives: buying a new mattress, a car, or a home, and we don’t take these purchase decisions lightly. We research and compare options to ensure we are well informed to make the right choice. With this, we are often exposed to marketing and promotion from many of the different companies selling that exact thing we wish to buy.

Have you ever considered just how much of an influence that marketing – such as the imagery and features promoted – actually has on your decision making?

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Dx3 Auto Lab?
Partnering with eye-tracking research specialists, Tobii Pro, The Dx3 Auto Lab was an interactive automotive showroom where subconscious behaviour was captured on the show floor.

The Goal:
To better understand how visual attention and physical interaction with vehicles might be influenced by previous exposure to that vehicle.

In 2017, we moved to the physical world with The Auto Lab, studying how one visually consumes the physical features of a product on the path to purchase.

Who Can Participate:

The lab was open to all attendees at Dx3 2017.  Participants wore eye-tracking glasses from Tobii Pro as they shopped for a new car right on the Dx3 show floor. Attention data was collected over the two days at Dx3.

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