Hut2Hut Events is a Toronto-based events and online media company focused on enriching the business communities we serve through experiences and content. We do so by creating destinations, both physical and digital, that bring people together to discuss the ideas and technology changing their industry and help them connect to the customers and partners they need to thrive.

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, advertising and retail. Dx3 connects the world’s top technology brands including Facebook, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft and MasterCard to Canada’s leading consumer brands, retailers and agencies by curating engaging content, immersive experiences and platforms that enable meaningful face-to-face commerce.

Dx3 2018 will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 7 – 8.


Duncan Payne
CEO, President, Dx3

About Duncan: Before the plunge to entrepreneurship Duncan was Executive Vice-President of Business Development Worldwide at dmg world media. When he is not launching new ventures or climbing mountains, you can find him on the field coaching one of Toronto’s youth rugby teams.

“Time is so precious that the need for convenience is changing our behaviour and the expectations of services provided and the people around us. The enabler for this is technology, and as fast as it is embraced, the more we expect.  How far will we stray from our need to interact with other humans, or will tech bring us closer together again?”


Eric Doucet
COO, GM, Dx3

About Eric: Eric is fascinated by the psychology behind human behaviour, excited about the impact of science on business, and eager to see how technology will impact the future. Prefers bicycles over cars and mountains over oceans.

“It’s about the experience. Nobody wants to hear about what you do, they want to see what you do. Also, I regret not investing in Amazon sooner, ARG!”


Eric Mercer
Director of Content, Dx3

About Eric: Eric is a P&G-trained marketer with a passion for technology and innovation.

“Of all the emerging technology I believe IoT will have the biggest impact on how we live, shop, and make purchase decisions in the future.”


Victoria Stacey
Marketing & Design Specialist, Dx3

About Victoria: Victoria spends her days fiddling around in Adobe Suite, WordPress & MailChimp. In the outside world, she blogs, makes cookies & crafts, and volunteers at other events around the city.

“What fascinates me is how digital technologies are changing to make everything, from finding work to transportation, more accessible to the greater public, and how design is at the forefront of these innovations.”

Anum Rubec
Social Media & Communications Manager, Dx3

About Anum: Anum is a content creator, blogger and communications consultant. You can always find her tweeting, taking photos and drinking lots of coffee.

“Connecting and engaging with people through any and every medium excites me. For some it’s overwhelming but I love the idea of sharing content with a community that will find it most relevant to them and I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves even more in the future.”

Jonathan Teixeira
Business Development, Dx3

About Jonathan: Jonathan is results driven with a passion for innovative technology, networking and partnerships.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. As technology and commerce have intersected over the years, let’s work together to provide solutions that help better understand the consumer journey.”

Mike Cooke
Co-Founder, Chairman, Dx3

About Mike: Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the trade show industry and has launched many successful shows and businesses in his career. 

“I don’t think that there can be anything more exciting, than helping people to learn about all of the latest possibilities and opportunities and then to see them leaving, our events, energized and ready to put that learning into practice.”


Susie Di Carlantonio
Finance, Dx3

About Susie: Susie is a Chartered Professional Accountant with nearly 20 years experience.  Her career spans over a multitude of industries, but more than half of her career has been spent overseeing the financial reporting, strategic planning and business development for various consumer, trade, retail and technology events within the North American marketplace.

“Technology continues to evolve at a mind-blowing pace.  It has immersed itself into every facet of our lives, providing us with conveniences and insights that were never before possible.  These new insights will have a profound effect on our future… and knowing there is still more to come is the really exciting part.”